Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Making Progress

My response to questions regarding the state of this landscaping endeavor, and home ownership in general, is both concise yet profound. Simply stated, I'm "making progress". I guess that could be a life statement as well, but I probably shouldn't assume too much.

Added some edging along the fence. This is a loooong fence.

Laid down newspaper, then weed fabric, then dirt against the house for grade control, THEN mulch!

Spreading the mulch was kind of fun - instant gratification.

Same thing along the north side.

Speaking of gratification, my raised bed thrives under my new homemade hoop house! We've got chives, oregano, radish, spinach, green onion, bell peppers, tomato, cucumber, peas, carrots...and basil.

The blueberries seem happy in their first year...maybe its the companionship of my fake rock rain barrel.


Clematis! Can't wait til the blooms. I swear they're growing inches every day.

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David said...

Lots of great progress! Glad to see the blog up and running and look forward to the updates.