Tuesday, September 06, 2005

San Juans Superfly

The long-anticipated footage of my San Juans adventure has arrived! There were many pics (more than are posted here), but I weeded the bulk down to what you see below. Enjoy (I did)!

P-town, as we take off for the coast! Posted by Picasa

Andy, our lives are in your hands Posted by Picasa

Hood canal and Olympics from the Sky Hawk Posted by Picasa

Lovely, don't you think? Posted by Picasa

All professionals here Posted by Picasa

That is a technical aviation signal, by the way Posted by Picasa

Don't try this at home Posted by Picasa

In-flight entertainment Posted by Picasa

Stuart Island--little cutie, ain't it? Posted by Picasa

We're landing on that?! Posted by Picasa

Oh boy... Posted by Picasa

Almost there! Posted by Picasa

After landing, we have a serious discussion about where to go next Posted by Picasa

Andy--our trusty pilot Posted by Picasa

On our way to wherever Posted by Picasa

We pay no attention to warning signs Posted by Picasa

No vacation is complete without a little frisbee! Posted by Picasa

Ted somehow misses my perfectly aimed throw Posted by Picasa

Ted reminisces in his old one-room schoolhouse Posted by Picasa

Old mercedes Ted used to ride around it--believe it or not, his dad started it up and drove us to the lighthouse! Posted by Picasa