Monday, May 21, 2012

Landscaping gone wild!

Here I catalog the epic adventure that is my 2012 landscaping project. It began with the rental of a sod cutter in late April, and continues on as you see before you. Let the transformation begin!

Less grass = less gas. Except, I suppose, for the gas used in the sod cutter. This day was spent wrestling with said sod cutter, but we eventually made peace and I harnessed its power to do what you see before you...

I wish I had footage of myself operating the beastly machine that did this. I cannot understate its brutishness.

For some reason this picture really seems to scare people...

Hovering over the soon-to-be home of my new apple tree, black hawthorn, I mean chokecherry.


All gone!


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Danni said...

This is awesome.