Sunday, July 31, 2005

Flight over Yellowstone

These are some photos of my flight over the park earlier today. I was tracking Cutthroat Trout for a busy biologist, and managed to snap a few amazing shots in the process. I am just as thankful for the jumbo zip-locks I brought along as I am for the scenery.

Post-flight, and less a pound or two (breakfast revisited me, twice), you can see there isn't much room for more than two people in this thing! Posted by Picasa

Steve, the trusty pilot, looks for creatures to photograph Posted by Picasa

Grebe Lake from above--headwaters of the Gibbon River Posted by Picasa

Wild kingdom right below us--we saw this bull elk on our way up the river, then on our way down saw a bear jump in the water after it. They danced for a while, with the bear eventually giving up (and after circling them half a dozen times, my stomach had the same idea). Posted by Picasa

Serpentine waterways of the Thorofare Posted by Picasa

Wolves frolicking around the upper Yellowstone River Posted by Picasa

The shadow of the plane created this rainbow "hole" in the mist Posted by Picasa

Thorofare region of YNP--reminded me of Glacier Park though Posted by Picasa

Mist in the mountains Posted by Picasa

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone Posted by Picasa

Upper Falls--looks like a postcard, doesn't it? Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 17, 2005