Sunday, February 11, 2007

Backcountry skiing

Here's some shots from some skiing I did this weekend. The first ones are from a run up toward Mt. Ellis just east of town--snow was slushy crap but it was still fun. The rest are from my trip up to Slushman's on Saturday (a "backcountry" ski area just south of Bridger Bowl). Saw some amazing avalanche aftermath on both sides of the area I skied. Glad I took those avalanche courses recently!

Cool holes in rock

Looking toward Mt. Ellis...we ended up skiing down from where those guys are standing

Looking SE toward Gallatin range Posted by Picasa

Closer shot of Saddle Peak slide--see the line near the ridge? This is a massive avalanche.

Bridger Peak slide--harder to see, but it's there

My run Posted by Picasa


Looking toward Saddle Peak

Avalanche debris that ripped off Bridger Peak

Looking south toward the Gallatin Range across Slushman's

Saddle Peak avalanche Posted by Picasa