Monday, August 13, 2012

Joyful Pathways

I got busy after a weekend of biking around Koocanusa Reservoir in Le Tour de Koocanusa (I highly recommend it for anyone who likes a well-organized, fun, and casual bike tour). So starting around noon on Sunday, I finished up this path in my fenced yard and got a feel for how all the hard work would pan out. I didn't opt for a super tight fit so I could use as many large pieces as possible - they're more stable and wiggle less over time. I'm going to stick with the pea gravel between pavers for now, but I expect it to settle some and not end up all over the stones constantly. Otherwise, a switch to sand alone (which is under the pea gravel) will be in order.

Laying the foundation. Thanks to my parents for digging the trench and filling it with gravel!

More progress...

Final product! It was all fairly easy to level, we'll see how it fairs over the seasons.

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