Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New additions and subtractions

Some things come, some things go. This month has brought some lovely donated native plants, courtesy of David and Marilyn (check out their fabulous blog) - bountiful in both their generosity of advice and now plants. Another addition has been automated drip irrigation, which my new plants need in their first year of life. Since I'm an inconsistent waterer at best, this has been AWESOME. Not complete, but on its way. Finally, much dirt and gravel has been excavated, moved around, and re-purposed as my evolving design takes shape...

A clematis and wood's rose greet visitors as they enter...this will be an urbanite path leading to the hidden garage on the right. So excited to dig some more.

All the pretty blue flax, separated out into their own containers - thanks David and Marilyn! 
 My clematis seem much happier in their second year of life. Flowering time is just around the corner...
Plants are adjusting to their new homes...snowberry, potentilla, yarrow, lupine, and sticky geranium are thriving here!

Happy mound of natives, mixed with some remnants I chose not to pull out during construction. I hope to add a nice big serviceberry to that corner.

Rock art, surrounded by sticky geranium, bee balm, kinnickinick (hiding in the back) and phlox

The street view - such potential, grow plants grow!

North side view. Snowberry, some wild lily of the valley, currant, and more snowberry. Great shade habitat.


David said...

The garden is looking great! I think the urbanite will be a really nice addition. congratulations- your hard work is really paying off- what a transformation!

Danni said...

I am super impressed - your hard work is totally paying off!